Capturing Wildlife … On Camera!

Mianus River Gorge is engaged in numerous ongoing wildlife monitoring studies (such as fisher, bobcat, and red fox); an annual deer census; the renowned Gotham Coyote Project; and most recently a black bear project!

Each of these projects employs camera traps (motion-activated cameras placed on trees that photograph passing wildlife) to capture and record the presence of wildlife in a specific location and observe its behavior. The camera trap has revolutionized wildlife research and conservation, enabling scientists around the world to collect photographic evidence of rarely seen species at relatively little cost and extremely minimal disturbance to the animals.

In our part of the world, effective wildlife monitoring studies enable wildlife biologists to share and aggregate data, develop best practices, and, ultimately, address fundamental questions about how wildlife adapts (or fails to adapt) to urbanization.

As a leader in the field of wildlife biology and camera trap research, MRG continues to expand its monitoring and research–both in the Gorge and across the region–and partner with academic institutions and other conservation organizations. To continue and grow these projects and research studies, the need for more cameras is paramount.

We need your help to purchase at least 10 wildlife cameras and their accompanying accessories (rechargeable batteries, memory card, security box and lock). Each complete package costs $500. Please consider donating a wildlife camera or contributing to MRG’s camera fund. Your donation of $500, $250, $100 or $50 will help us increase the size of our camera trap array and capture images of the fascinating animals that inhabit the region, the Gorge, and your backyard!

Click here to donate to MRG’s Camera Fund (please let us know your donation is for the camera fund by clicking on “Add special instructions” and writing “Camera Fund”)



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