Hidden Habitats of the Mianus Greenway

Nearly 30 people joined MRG Executive Director Rod Christie for “Hidden Habitats of the Mianus Greenway” walk on a recent blustery Saturday morning. Starting at the base of the Bargh Reservoir, open to us with special permission, Rod explained the history and process by which over 130,000 people benefit from MRG’s stewardship of the Mianus River Watershed. The group also saw firsthand the effects of the lack of rainfall on this important water supply.

From there, Rod led the group through the forest of the Mianus River Scenic Area (owned by the State of CT) and delved into the intricate relationship between nuts and other “mast” and all the wildlife in the forest. He explained how each layer of the forest depends on another, from the mycorrhizal fungi in the soil to the canopy at the top.

Participants were afforded an opportunity to walk through a forest that is not normally accessible to the public with its wetlands and scenic views of the Bargh Reservoir. “We had a wonderful walk, on land I was very eager to see. Rod was amazing, a wealth of information, there was not one question asked of him he didn’t know the answer for,” said an enthusiastic member of the group.

We look forward to seeing you on one of MRG’s unique and informative walks very soon!

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