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CUNY TV Science & U! Season 7/Episode 5: January 2018 “There are a few New York City residents that didn’t come by plane, train, or automobile, they just walked here. Carol Anne Riddell discovers coyotes living in the city and what biologists have been able to learn from their DNA.” Chris Nagy, Ph.D., is featured in this episode.

Press Releases

Mianus River Gorge Adds 22 Acres called Taylor Preserve June 6, 2018

Artist Peter Arguimbau Supports Mianus River Gorge–gallery event on April 19, 2018

Sound Science on Long Island Sound–a Conservation Café panel discussion on June 10, 2016

Land Trust Alliance awards 2016 New York State Conservation Partnership Program grant to MRG

Source to Sound Watershed Tour April 23, 2016

MRG Achieves Renewed Accreditation from Land Trust Alliance Commission

Mianus River Gorge Photo Exhibit to Open at Bruce Museum in Greenwich


Old-Growth Forest Walk, May 6, 2018

MRG Executive Director Rod Christie led a walk through the old-growth forest deep in Mianus River Gorge Preserve.  Rod shared a wealth of knowledge about the importance of this rare collection of ancient hemlocks and the ecosystem that depends on them. Participants learned about the unique characteristics of the hemlocks and why MRG is so invested in managing one of the last remnants of old-growth forest in the eastern United States.

Tree ID, October 22, 2017

Director of Land Management Budd Veverka shared his wealth of knowledge with 35 tree enthusiasts during a “Tree ID” walk. We looked at leaves, bark, and the fruit of more than 20 different species of trees and shrubs found in the Gorge, from red oak to yellow birch … from American basswood to tulip poplar … from sassafras to black cherry. You can arrange a Wildlife & Habitat Consultation with Mianus River Gorge, and Budd will help you determine exactly what’s what in your backyard, too.

Wetlands Restoration Project, Spring / Summer, 2017

MRG’s “Source to Sound Phase II” initiative’s major goal is to restore this compromised wetlands system. An excavator was needed to remove the invasive species that impeded its health and functionality. Native wildflowers, herbaceous plants, shrubs, and trees will be planted to replace them and help restore this important resource.

Bear Study, Spring / Summer, 2017

MRG’s “Exurban/Suburban Black Bear Occurrence and Activity” project, funded in part by Camp Fire Conservation Fund, monitors the activities of black bears in northern Westchester, eastern Putnam, and western Fairfield Counties. In the past 40 years, the forested habitat of NY and CT has recovered an black bears have made a significant comeback.

River Clean-Up, July 22, 2017

Community volunteers, College Interns in Suburban Ecology (CISE) students, Wildlife Technician Program (WTP) students, MRG staff, and Chairman of the Board of Trustees all pitched in to haul junk out of the Mianus River on Saturday, July 22. Thank you for helping keep the river a clean drinking water source for many!

Wildflower Walk, May 7, 2017

Executive Director Rod Christie has a knack for pointing out wildflowers–some exceedingly rare–that many of us might walk right by. The annual Wildflower Walk gives participants an opportunity to see what’s growing in the Preserve out in the open vs. inside the deer exclosures.

South Lockwood Walking Tour, December 4, 2016

Over 40 people joined MRG Executive Director Rod Christie for a “private viewing” of land acquired by and protected by Mianus River Gorge. The land features spectacular rock outcroppings, beautiful ferns and mosses, and a pristine stream.


IMG_2094Source to Sound Watershed Tour, April 23, 2016

This unique tour provided participants access to the dam holding back 2.2 billion gallons of water in the Bargh Reservoir, the inner workings of the filter plant, and the fish ladder in Greenwich.


IMG_3862 Judy Evnin, Rod ChristieOpening celebration of Mianus River Gorge: Photographs by William Abranowicz at the Bruce Museum, Friday, March 11, 2016. Photos taken by LOOK! Fairfield magazine show those in attendance enjoying a special preview of the exquisite photographs, many in large format, of the Mianus River Gorge. All images of the photographs at the exhibition are for sale, with 50% of the net proceeds going to MRG. Please call (914) 234-3455 for details.


Photos taken by LOOK! Fairfield magazine during the Levene Property walk in early October … a perfect day to explore the second largest land acquisition in MRG’s history, and now ours to preserve and protect in perpetuity.


Here is a slideshow of cool pictures from our wildlife cameras.  We use these cameras extensively in our research on large animals in the watershed and all over the region, including NYC.

phone10-15-13 030The Gorge also mentors numerous high school and college students through our Wildlife Technician Program and College Internship in Suburban Ecology.

Here is a slideshow of some of our students out in the field or at conferences.


News, film, video

4/2018: Congratulations to WTP high school senior Isabela Yepes on her talk at the 2018 Northeast Natural History Conference in Burlington, VT.

1/2018: Chris Nagy was quoted in the New York Times article ‘Coywolf’ Sightings Grip a Rural Community.

4/2016: Chris Nagy was quoted in the NatGeo article How Wild Animals Are Hacking Life in the City.Mountain lions and ants are among the many species great and small figuring out clever ways to live among people.” Coyotes, too, of course!

“Mianus River Gorge: Photographs by William Abranowicz” at the Bruce Museum, March 12-June 5, 2016

This video, produced by the Bruce Museum, features interviews with photographer Bill Abranowicz and MRG Executive Director Rod Christie, as well as stunning, overhead footage of the Gorge.


About the Gorge – Videos about the Gorge in general, our mission, our trails, our land.

 3/2015: Chris Nagy was interviewed, along with several other biologists and ecologists, by the Epoch Times regarding World Wildlife Fund’s recent “Living Planet Report”, which reported that roughly half of the Earth’s biodiversity has already been lost since 1970.  Here is a link to the Epoch Times article and here is a link to the WWF Report.

10/2013: Here is an annotated slideshow on our history and programs made for our 60th anniversary event at Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Oct 2013.  In addition to giving a pretty comprehensive summary of everything we do, it features footage of our founder, Gloria Anable, in the bathysphere, in Guyana, and hiking around the Gorge; the original “Long Walk” that started the effort to protect the Gorge; and some footage of the first phases of construction of the Bargh Reservoir.


3/2001: Trails of Freedom – A great article and video on the ecosystem of the Gorge, our history, and our mission from

Gotham Coyote Project – Our research on coyotes in NYC has been featured in a number of TV spots and articles.  Below are links or embeds to many of them. You can also learn more about this specific project here.

11/2016: Mental Floss, “How Scientists are Using Poop to Study NYC’s Coyote Population”  by Erin McCarthy

10/2016: Village Voice, “How Coyotes Conquered New York”  by Jon Campbell

5/2016: NatGeo Wild, “The Wolves of Wall Street

4/2016: National Geographic, “How Wild Animals Are Hacking Life in the City”  by Christine Dell’Amore

2/2016: Epoch Times, “Coyotes in New York City – We Have Nothing to Fear” by Stuat Liess

1/2016: New York Times, “Raccoons invade Brooklyn”  by Annie Correal

12/2015: Newsweek, “Part coyote, part wolf, part dog: Enter the coywolf” by Sarah Deweerdt

10/2015: Economist, “Greater than the sum of its parts” by Benjamin Sutherland

8/2015: Scientific American, “Cameras catch coyotes as they take Manhattan” by Rebecca Harrington

7/2015: Slate, “New York needs coyotes” by Lance Richardson

7/2015: Mental Floss, “What are Coyotes Doing in the Big Apple?” by Samantha Larson

5/2015: New York Magazine, “Why coyotes are flourishing in New York City” by Jen Kirby

5/2015:, “Tracking the great coyote invasion of NYC” by Tove Danovich

4/2015: NY1: “Coyotes, deer, bald eagles among wildlife appearing across City” by Erin Clarke

4/2015: Newsweek, “Coyotes are New York’s newest immigrants” by Joanna Klein

4/2015: New York Times, “A coyote eludes the police in the upper west side” by Benjamin Mueller and Lisa Foderaro

4/2015: CBS New York, “Coyote sightings reported left and right in the heart of Manhattan

4/2015: Newsday, “Coyotes breeding on Long Island ‘inevitable,’ researchers say” by Patricia Kitchen

4/2015: Christian Science Monitor, “Despite high rents, coyotes live in NYC” by Lisa Suhay

4/2015: Associated Press, “Coyote urban: String of sightings this year” by Jennifer Peltz

4/2015: Daily News, “Coyotes deserve a warmer welcome by New Yorkers, says wildlife biologist” by Lisa Colangelo

3/2015: Epoch Times, “Coyotes in New York – We Have Nothing to Fear” by Stuart Liess

3/2015: New York Times, That Howling? Just New York’s Neighborhood Coyotes by Lisa Foderaro

2/2015: The Record, Coyotes Right at Home in NJ Suburbsby James O’Neill

12/2014: Fox 5 News, New YorkCoyotes in New York Cityby Liz Dahlem

New York News

9/2014: JSTOR Magazine: Keeping up with the Carnivores, by Laura Allen

Gotham Coyote Project from JSTOR on Vimeo.

1/2014: PBS Nature: “Meet the Coywolf” (also available on Netflix Streaming)

 11/2014: Swedish TV’s Mitt i Naturen


Episode 3, 2014

3/2012: Science Friday on NPR


 Other Research

5/2015: The Journal News, “Millipedes of southern Appalachia crawling north” by Akiko Matsuda

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