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The Gorge occasionally accepts consulting projects that fit our conservation mission.  These projects typically are biological inventories and surveys with the purpose of making land or water management recommendations.  We also are available to consult on experimental design for ecological research and monitoring, developing education or land management programs, and strategic land acquisition. 

Projects are accepted on a case-by-case basis.  We consider how well our staff expertise matches with project needs, how the project matches our mission and philosophy, and — of course — our current workload.

Please contact our Executive Director Rod Christie (Rod) if you would like to discuss a potential consulting project.


Below is a list of our areas of expertise and some examples of past and present projects.

Biological Inventories

  • Natural Resource Bio-assessments – rare natural communities, forest cover types, mapping
  • Wildlife Surveys – birds, amphibians, medium and large mammals, aquatic invertebrates
  • Vegetation Surveys – northeastern forest trees and wildflowers, northeastern meadows
  • Water Quality – Water chemistry and aquatic bio-indicators

Land and Water Management

  • Invasive species surveys and management recommendations
  • White-tailed deer management
  • Old-growth forest protection and restoration
  • Managing private properties for biodiversity and wildlife habitat
  • Hiking trail and other recreational use planning
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Mapping


  • Experimental design and field ecology techniques
  • Wildlife and terrestrial vegetation sampling
  • Soil chemistry
  • Vernal pool ecology
  • Manuscript edits/assistance


Some of Our Past Projects

  • Inventory – Bedford Garden Club Sustainable Tree Project, including GIS mapping  (Bedford Garden Club)
  • GIS Maps of Lower Mianus River (Mianus River Watershed Council)
  • Mianus River Priority Properties Recommendations (Mianus River Watershed Council)
  • Anglefly Preserve Management Plan (Town of Somers)
  • Implementation of Master plan for the Beaver Dam Sanctuary (Beaver Dam Sanctuary)
  • Buxton Gorge Natural Resource Inventory and Assessment (Town of Bedford)
  • Deer Management Recommendations (Town of North Castle)
  • Deer Management Program Recommendations (Westchester County)
  • Deer Management Program Recommendations (Pound Ridge Land Conservancy)
  • Peekskill Hollow Brook Education Brochure (New York Department of Environmental Conservation Hudson River Estuary Program)
The mission of Mianus River Gorge, an independent, not-for-profit organization, is to preserve, protect and promote appreciation of the natural heritage of the Mianus River watershed through land acquisition and conservation, scientific research and public education throughout the region.
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