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Jason Bonet and Mark WeckelOur Wildlife Techs undertake a three-year mentored ecological study which explores the complex relationships in the natural world. Their research helps us to better understand and, ultimately, manage urbanized landscapes.

Class of 2017

  • Matthew Gomes, John Jay
    Pollinator activity on native wildflowers planted for second-growth forest restoration
  • Jared Ortega, Carmel
    Distribution of fishers in Westchester County
  • George Raxworthy, Fox Lane
    Development of non-invasive methods to monitor nesting success for box and wood turtles.
  • Carter Werthman, Dobbs Ferry
    Seed bank survey of second-growth forests and potential for regeneration.

Class of 2016

  • Ben Davar, Bronx Science
    Estimating the distributions of five mammal species using citizen science
  • Sarah Cosmedy, Ursuline Academy
    Wildflower and woody seedling regeneration in post-agricultural forests and potential for restoration
  • Lakshmi Mahajan, Ardsley High School
    Incorporating spatially explicit soil infiltration rates into i-Tree watershed models

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