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Wildlife Technician Program (WTP)

Length of Program: 3 years beginning in the sophomore year of high-school
Program Description: The WTP Program provides research opportunities to high-school students in the fields of ecology, conservation biology and wildlife biology.
Wildlife Technicians (Techs) assist on various research projects while concentrating on designing and conducting their own multi-year study. Techs are mentored by Gorge staff and/or graduate students and are exposed to experimental design and field techniquest through non-traditional hands-on experience. Techs receive additional experience in wildlife ecology by assisting with graduate-level projects being conducted at the Gorge.
Candidate Qualifications: High-school sophomores must be enrolled in a multi-year research course. No GPA or work experience required. Candidates must demonstrate an interest in working in the natural sciences in an outdoor setting.
Application Procedure: WTP Applications for the 2017-18 academic year are currently available here. Candidates must complete the application and submit along with one letter of recommendation. Applicants may be contacted for an interview.
Application Deadline: Application deadline is November 15.
Acceptance Notification: Interview announcements will go out by December 1; acceptance decisions are made in January.
Questions: Please direct questions to Chris Nagy at or 914-234-3455

Upcoming Research Opportunities in 2017

  • Examining wildlife distribution and activity patterns with motion-activated cameras.
  • Developing strategies to enhance reproductive success of native turtle species.
  • Improving tools to non-invasively estimate white-tailed deer abundance.
  • Students with their own ecology-related research interests are encouraged to apply.


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