Research Goals and Directions

The Gorge has defined 5 areas of broad research interest and importance to our Preserve and conservation in general:

  1. Preservation of and research on the unique characteristics, processes, and species found in old-growth forests, specifically eastern hemlock old-growth forests.
  2. Restoration and enhancement of younger, post-agricultural forests towards a state that maximizes ecosystem benefits such as water and air filtration, biodiversity, system resilience, and habitat quality and connectivity.
  3. Effects and management of invasive species, including potential naturalization.
  4. The ecology and management of white-tailed deer as a keystone species in the suburban food web.
  5. Urban wildlife conservation and human-wildlife coexistence in urban and other developed landscapes.

There is significant overlap amongst these avenues of inquiry, but they are useful in generally describing the type of research we tend to pursue and the topics that interest us.  Ultimately, our mission is to protect biodiversity and help our land provide important ecosystem services to the benefit of the human community and the larger ecological community.

Additionally, we are committed to integrating students into all of our research projects.  Typically, this is achieved through our Wildlife Tech Program (high school) and our College Internship in Suburban Ecology (undergrad); the Research Assistantship Program (graduate) also supports gradate level research in areas that we would like to address but do not have the expertise on staff to do so ourselves.

Our staff have their own specific research interests as well.  To read more about the specific projects we have and are working on, follow the links below:

Staff profiles

Other Research Projects

Scientific Publications

WTP Students and Projects

The mission of Mianus River Gorge, an independent, not-for-profit organization, is to preserve, protect and promote appreciation of the natural heritage of the Mianus River watershed through land acquisition and conservation, scientific research and public education throughout the region.
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