Our College Interns

  2017 Summer Interns

  • Maria Juran, Yale University
  • Brandon Shea, SUNY ESF
  • Morgan Berman, Tufts University
  • Veronica Berger, Tufts University

Interns worked on: Cleaning up the Mianus River, invasive species removal, erecting deer exclosures, the wildflower restoration project, and many other projects that contribute to fulfilling MRG’s mission. They also mentored our high school Wildlife Technician Program (WTP) participants.

  2016 Summer Interns

  • Kate Harrison, University of Maryland
  • Kyle Sanduski, SUNY Geneseo
  • Tim Morris, SUNY Binghamton
  • Gaby Placido, University of Florida

Interns worked on: The Gotham Coyote Project, the wildflower restoration project, GIS mapping, and many other projects. They also mentored our high school Wildlife Technician Program (WTP) participants.

 2015 Summer Interns

  • Zach Berzolla, Middlebury College
  • Miranda Bandeli, Rutgers University
  • Kasey French, SUNY Cobleskill
  • Rebecca Bauer, Appalachian State

Interns worked on: White-tailed deer management, mapping the Mianus River using GIS technology, land management, and The Gotham Coyote Project, among others. They also assisted RAP Nicole Fusco with her study of the Two-lined salamander population in the Mianus River Watershed and mentored our high school Wildlife Technician Program (WTP) participants.

2014 Summer Interns

  • Jason Dallas, Rider University
  • Casey Kincaid, Rowan University
  • Sarah Koenigsburg, Middlebury College
  • Rebecca Policello, Marywood University

Interns worked on: Gotham Coyote Project summer survey and 2012 – 2014 data analysis; deer monitoring and behavior research; collecting extensive vegetation data for our long-term monitoring programs; assisting WTP’s Becca Raffo and Dylan Graham on their respective earthworm and stream macroinvertebrate projects; ecosystem assessment at Rockefeller State Park; evaluating the effectiveness of plantings and forest restoration strategies; invasive species management plans; gathering, mapping, and summarizing information on historical land-use histories for our properties, and building GIS maps and compiling geographic datasets for our Conservation Plan.

2013 Summer Interns

  • Chris Robers, University of Connecticut
  • Alex Siebert, Allegheny College



Interns worked on: Gotham Coyote Project; deer monitoring and abundance estimation; watershed mapping and planning; Millipede Project (investigating what new yellow spotted millipedes eat (Boraria stricta); hair trap design for bob cat and coyote; invasive species control; wildflower restorations and reintroductions.

 2012 Summer Interns

  • Laura Hellmich, Allegheny College
  • Alex Jahier, University of Connecticut
  • John Zeiger, Cornell University




Interns worked on: Gotham Coyote Project; Buck Project 2.0 (experimenting with lures and new analytical techniques to increase the precision of our deer census techniques); Millipede Project (investigating what new yellow spotted millipedes eat (Boraria stricta) and the Bobcat Project (experimenting with lures and hair traps to get bobcat DNA.)

2011 Summer Interns

  • Jeff Chieppa, SUNY School of ESF
  • Sylvia de la Piedra, Cornell University
  • Kelsey Wellington, New Hampshire College
Jeff Chieppa


Sylvia de la Piedra


Kelsey Wellington


Projects included: Assisting high-school students and staff biologists in investigating the distribution of two-lined salamanders and the exotic yellow-spotted millipede throughout northern Westchester, estimating the effective “sampling area” of remote wildlife cameras, running camera surveys in NYC and Westchester Parks and overhauling our deer exclosures.

2010 Summer Interns

  • Katherine Caswell, Penn State
  • Jesse Peltz, Purchase College
  • Xander Tartter, Oberlin College
Jesse Peltz


Katherine Caswell


Xander Tartter


Projects included: Assisted high-school students and staff biologists in: conducting call-back surveys to record the presence/absence of coyotes at the Gorge, using call-back surveys to document the presence of screech owls in Ossining, NY, investigating the distribution of two-lined salamanders and the exotic yellow-spotted millipede, assisting in the 2010 Mianus River clean-up, removing mile-a-minute weed from the eastside of the river, learning how to use GIS to analyze data they collected and creating a new logo for MRGP’s research program

2009 Summer Interns

  • Adam Hanbury-Brown, Pitzer College
  • Diana Vassallo, SUNY Cobbleskill
  • Alex Berger, Rochester University
Adam Hanbury-Brown


Alex Berger


Diana Vassallo


Projects included: Assisted high school and staff in estimating population of white-tailed deer using camera traps, mapping the distribution of the exotic Asian earthworm, inventorying vernal pools for rare and sensitive species, using spectrogram analysis of bird calls for long-term monitoring and helping to assess impact of ultra-abundant deer herds and stilt grass on maple seed regeneration. Completed: Bedford Village Tree Map in Bedford NY (Alex Berger), an inventory of MRGP four deer exclosures (Adam Hanbury-Brown) and a dichotomous key for mammal hair found in coyote scat (Diana Vassallo)

2008 Summer Interns

  • Claire Garmirian, Kenyon College
  • Addie Harris, University of Maine
  • Whitney Scales, Texas A&M
Claire Garmirian


Addie Harris


Whitney Scales


Projects included: assisting high-school students and staff biologists in evaluating the efficacy of active radio-frequency identification tags for monitoring wildlife, documenting threats to the upper portions of the Mianus River, and studying the impact of Japanese stilt grass on the growth of maple seedlings.


2007 Summer Interns

  • Alec Kretchun, University of Oregon
  • Peter Snell, Florida Tech
  • Ryan Thomas, University of Texas, Austin
Alec Kretchun


Peter Snell


Ryan Thomas


Projects included: assisting high-school students and staff biologists in: monitoring the invertebrate community of our old-growth hemlocks, creating an Preserve map of non-native plants and using GIS to geocode responses to our “Backyard coyote sighting” survey

The mission of Mianus River Gorge, an independent, not-for-profit organization, is to preserve, protect and promote appreciation of the natural heritage of the Mianus River watershed through land acquisition and conservation, scientific research and public education throughout the region.
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